Monday, September 15, 2014

My Most Popular Posts Part 2

Theological Reflections Upon HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Mav Phil On Wisdom

A Reflection Upon Three Comics

Favorite Superheroes (1-5)

MavPhil & Me On Russell’s Teapot

On The Proof Paradigm

On Church Tradition

Extended Review of Justice League Dark #27

A Reflection On The Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

And Extended Review of Earth 2 Annual #2

A Poem By Martin Luther King, Jr

On Jesus’ Soteriological Significance

On Faith as Risk & Trust

More Comic Book Reviews

About A Comic Book Convention

On My Favorite All-Time Comic Book Battles

A Collection of Combat Motif Posts

The Gospel According To Metallica


A Critique of Cultural Relativism

An In-Depth Review of MINIATURE JESUS #5

Random Thoughts On The Bible

A Collection of Not Really Off Topic Posts

A Collection of Off-Topic Posts

An Ode To Comic Books

A Guest Post by Chris Lee

MavPhil On The Afterlife

More Comic Book Reviews

No Forgiveness Without Repentance?

A Review of Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD

Whitehead On Fluency & Permanency

On Ratatouille & The Eucharist

The Abstract & The Concrete

Extended Review of Film FLASHPOINT PARADOX

An Argument For Free Will

About Alvin Plantinga

About A Lull In Blogging

A Reflection On Penn Gilette’s Commandments

An Agument Against Reason

On The Naïve Moral Argument

On Meaning

Concerning The Misue of the Big Bang Theory

The Physical & The Mental

A Review of Miniature Jesus

The Quest For the Historical Jesus

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