Saturday, September 6, 2014

Illustration For The Woman & The Dragon

This is the second illustration by Cait Zellers ( for the updated version of my book THE LAMB VERSUS THE DRAGON. Wow, is she talented or what. This is a representation of Revelation Chapter 12, which many of you will know as my favorite chapter in scripture. You can find meditations on it here: 

Of course it isn't done, but what she has so far is so good, so exciting I felt it had to be shared. I love the way the dragon is surrounding the woman, but cannot reach her. Satan can assail us on all sides, and can oppress and attack us, but cannot overcome us. You may know I think of the woman as Israel, but she is also the Mother of the Church, and the attack on the Woman, on Christ Himself, and on the Church are all made one in Revelation Chapter 12. This image that Cait has produces is a perfect reflection on the scope of evil and the power of Grace. It is an image of God's Grace as it resists Satan IN THIS WORLD. I love it, and cannot wait to see it completed.

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