Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Most Popular Posts Part 3

The Quest For The Historical Jesus

An Introduction to The Book of Jude

A N Whitehead on Co-Suffering

A Review of the Film TREE OF LIFE

Concerning “The Dark Side of the Force”

A Confession

Part 1 of the Review of THE AGONY OF CHRISTIANITH

Part 2 of the Review of THE AGONY OF CHRISTIANITY

What Did Whitehead Mean By That

The Aftermath of A Mission Trip

Ben Kingsley’s Moses

Away From Keyboard

A Reflection On A Bad Time In My Relationship With My Father

The Lies & Half-Truths of Death

A Youth Minister Meme

Pondering Selfhood

A Bith of Snobbish Advice

A Few Words On Logic

On What The Bible “Says”

Redemption & Christology In THE BOOK OF JOB

On Superman

The Elusiveness of Self-Discovery

Satire In The Book of Jonah


Maverick Philosopher On Good Friday

On The Disciples’ Foot Washing

Pop Music Stations of the Cross

A MavPhil Post On Thomas Nagel

 My Grand Apologetics Project 7

MavPhil On Worldly Success

A Homily

Concerning The Name RAPHAEL

Bill Vallicella On Intellectual Maturity

Commentary On The Name El-Shaddai

Jamie Nguyen On An Unbelieving Parent

My 100th Post

A Note About Comments

Science & Divine Revelation

A Terrifying But True Dream

Random Thoughts On Super Powers

My Grand Apologetics Project Part 3

My Grand…Part 2

A Theology Of Play

The Gospel According to Earl

A Homily On Ruth

A Eulogy

A Reflection On The Parable of the Talents

A Cosmic Incarnation

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