Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Pop Culture Christ Figures

A while back, I wrote a post about pop culture figures that, to me, illustrate some aspect of Jesus Christ and/or The Gospels as a whole. You can find the post here:

I added another figure here:

I have been watching a very good show from the SyFy Channel on DVD recently, called HAVEN. I love this show, and my wife does too which say a lot. I've watched the first three seasons so far, and will start season four soon. I have to say that Audrey Parker, the main character on the show, belongs on that list of pop culture Christ figures. She is a being that comes to save this town from a curse. Along the way, she finds out that this curse has come before, and she has come as different people to end the curse. Her power derives from love, and there is a dying and rising cycle. In many ways, she's a perfect Christ image. I'm not going to reveal more, to avoid too many spoilers.

I'd also add, by the way, Will Caster, the main character from the film TRANSCENDENCE. While the transhumanism message bothers me, the figure of Will himself is clearly a techno-Christ. It is a good, though by no means great, film that did not deserve the panning it got by critics. And Will belongs on that list.

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