Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Christian Music

I don't listen to much Christian pop or rock. I find it pretentious. I also like my spiritual themes subtle in much of my music. I do like Christian themed country music. For some reason it always strikes me as more honest. There is a lot more about believing in God in the midst of darkness. There is also often the sense of an uneasy conscience before God. These themes are more concomitant with my own experience. I'm going to start sharing some of my favorite Christian and spiritual music here.

I like the way faith is tied to the fabric of a life in country music. It is a part of a whole cloth, a lifestyle and way of existing. The faith message in this song is direct and simple, and without judgment. A simple man, trying to live a good life (and later die a good death), bows his head to Jesus. This is a great son with a good message.

Perhaps the most powerful country gospel song of all time, Allison Krauss's voice sounds like something right out of Heaven. The appeal of country gospel is, partly, the fact that it sounds older, with roots in history long past. Religion is appealing in part because of this feeling of connection with something ancient which in turn symbolizes our connection with the eternal.

Speaking of angelic voices and links to the past, if you ever get to hear the Anonymous 4, you will hear a glimpse of the world to come. This shows the Celtic roots of much bluegrass and the religious undertones are devastating in their beauty.

This song right here combines much of what I like about the other three. There is a simplicity about it, it has the feel of something very old and traditional, and it also speaks to faith as a part of the fabric of a life. There is also a sense of unworthiness before God, when the girl in the story weeps before the manger.

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