Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Post (Re-Post)

A new year comes to pass. It all goes so quickly. 2014 was, thankfully, better than the year before, as all my years have been since I first made the decision, with God's help, to quit the horror that is substance abuse. And even factoring in my darkest years, the total thrust of my life has been towards happiness. My childhood was no idyllic Eden. My adulthood more or less has been.

But the real turning point, the crux of the matter, was meeting the woman who would become my wife. "I was not fully born again until I met (her)." Ten years ago today we met on a blind date and it has all been a journey heavenward since. She supercharged God's presence in my life. To God and to her I am eternally grateful. Happy New Year everyone. As I move forward into 2015 I do so knowing that it will not always be all so easy, but it will always be as the person God and good people have formed into today. And such a person is, basically, happy. We cannot meet life better.

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