Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beasts Defeated and Not Defeated

Beast of boredom seems to have been slain about 5 years ago.

My drug addiction can never truly be said to be defeated until I pass from this life, but at least it has been in retreat for over a decade.

The monster of misplaced love seems to have little hold over me any more.

The demon of depression is not defeated by has been shrunk to a seemingly manageable size.

And diabolical, as opposed to holy or theoretical, doubt has no hold on me.

These beasts were defeated by faith in Jesus Christ, and a commitment to use that faith for personal growth. A lot of God, a little of me, and a moderate amount of luck, and I am free of a great many things that once held me.

Rage, while far less powerful than it once was, still causes far more complications than it should. It remains a constant danger, and I must be vigilant.

Ego is a monkey on my back that seems far too powerful than it should be.

Lust remains a muted by constant assailant.

I pray to God that He will give me the resources to move past these thorns as the other, but so far it looks like its going to be a long fight. Putting on the Full Armor of God is not the final step, but only the first. The battle waits up ahead. But I'm here, I'm seeking His Will, and I'm ready for round 50.

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