Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Extended Comic Book Reviews

Comic books remain one of my favorite types of media. I often find them deep, compelling, and capable of affecting you on more levels than art or writing does alone. Reading books is important because with visual art you don't internalize as much, and that is an important muscle to exercise. However, visual art has a power all its own, and when it is tied to the narrative structure of traditional storytelling it can accomplish a lot. Comic books at their best employ the best of both worlds, and I think they are an art form all their own beyond what most people fully realize. This is no kids game, it is the stuff of real creation. Below are a series of links to "Not Really Off-Topic" comic book reviews, reviews of comic books that really have the power to move and say a lot on a spiritual and theological level.

These are links to theological reflections on:

Teen Titans #26

Thunderbolts #26

Constantine #10

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