Sunday, August 31, 2014

More On "The Lamb Slain"

I'm revisiting this image again. I made a shirt out of it. Many people find it disturbing and frightening. To that I say, 'good'. It ought to be. God is beyond our ability to image. You cannot reduce God to some human picture. But this is as close as it gets. It has beauty and a seraphic kind of effect to it. But it also has much about it that should bother any person. If you approach God and you are in no way disturbed, then you are not really approaching God at all, but an idol. I find this image to capture the essence of what Jesus Christ was all about. Jesus was not powerless. Quite the opposite. Yet his power, his divinity is found IN his suffering, and in his sacrifice. That sacrifice was truly disturbing. Nothing could be more terrible than the cross, nor the truth that behind that cross was the sin of every sinner, and the suffering of every victim of sin. How does one experience the full range of this? John seems to have experienced it in the various beatific and terrible visions in The Book of Revelation. The summation of which are in the terrible and wonderful vision of a Lamb 'looking as if it had been slain' with seven eyes and horns, opening the scrolls that unleash the terrible wrath of God upon the Earth.

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