Sunday, August 31, 2014


Karl Barth:
"...the humanity of Jesus is the nature of God Himself. Being together and powerfully for each other are first and originally in Him. The triune God Himself. God not only loves but is Love. And as eternal love He Himself is active in the world and proclaims Himself in the humanity of Jesus."

"Therefore, God is for us human beings, because God Himself is for us, in that the human being Jesus is for us."

"They are affirmed, they no longer have any other way of living than by this yes, as surely as God has said this yes and as surely as God is God. All that is left for them is calmly to live the life that has been thus defined. They are left only with the wonder, the reverent astonishment, in the face of the fact of the mystery that they may live this affirmed life."

"When we look to him, to Jesus Christ, then we experience a transformation beside which the greatest revolution is a small affair."

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