Monday, August 25, 2014

Reflections On Passing Scenes *Spoiler Alert*

God I love this scene. There is something so powerful about it. There is this powerful, religious undertone, but hidden under a secular veneer. It is among the most powerful scenes of any film I've ever seen ever. Think about these words "I wasn't really born again until I met you...I was nothing." Redemption through love. Yet the past cannot be so easily washed away. This is something I was talking about this with my good friend Rhonda Foale the other day. There is this terrible tension, this mystery that yields to no clear end in this world. I am not the man I was 15 years ago (God, has it been that long?). Yet I cannot so easily just disavow everything that person did. And truly Jesus Christ was not fully present in my life until I met my wife. I never knew Him before I met her the way I have gotten to know Him since. Yea, this scene...this one's me.

The final battle from one of the greatest television shows of all time, a show that (not surprisingly) never made it past 2 seasons. This is the final battle between good and evil, a battle that began with us not knowing which was which. Ben Hawking began as this completely lost child possessed of incredible power. By the end he was driven, passionate, and in control. That last moment where he remembers the prophecy and 'plunges it deep', will stick with me forever. The last few episodes were particularly good. Good embraces the ordinary, even the broken. Perhaps what is most telling about the avatars of light and dark in this show is that darkness chose a man who seemed very in control, very sure of himself, and ultimately also assured of his own goodness. Good chose a man who was doubtful of his virtue, and who understood himself not at all. This scene, inclusive as it is of the crucifixion imagery, is a perfect expression of what the whole show was about.

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