Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Way, The Truth, The Life

This is a comment on this article:

I believe that Jesus is the only way to God, and that being because of his dying and rising again. I am also a universalist. I don't think what you believe gives you access to heaven. I don't think what you do gives you access, either. At least, not on their own. You have access to Heaven BECAUSE Jesus died and returned. Why think this? Well nothing Jesus teaches is all that radical, except to the degree that they reflect on the nature of God as revealed in Jesus' own life, death, and return. Plus I see no moral answer to the problem of sin, which seems intractable to me (this was cemented for all time for me in Reinhold Niebuhr's Nature & Destiny of Man). I see Christ as the only solution. Biblically, also, while what the man says about the Gospels is true and rightly said, it ignores the fact that the entirety of the rest of the New Testament is a reflection almost solely on Jesus death & resurrection. So there must be some accounting for that.

In the end the ONLY way Jesus changes our view of God is if we take Him to BE God, to show us what God is. But that statement does contradict what other religions say on the nature of Ultimate Reality. The problem with Fundamentalism isn't that it gives too much primacy to Jesus, but that it gives too little. It elevates a book over the man-God. And it denies the power of God and the centrality of the Cross by giving power to man's credulity over and against Christ.

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