Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reverence & Irreverence

Irreverence is perhaps the most honest form of reverence, and irreverence is only honest or powerful when directed towards those things we revere. For irreverence shows that you realize the true breadth of what you revere, it is the nervous laughter of one confronted by realities too grand to fully comprehend. Additionally, if you show irreverence to that which you don't actually revere, your irreverence has no power, no ability to wake anyone up to anything, and there is little real courage in it. But to act irreverently towards that which you revere, shows the object of your reverence to be more powerful. To speak coarsely towards a God you believe in is to show that you think God is big enough to "take it". The surest proof of all this is the Book of Job. Job's irreverence was the highest form of reverence man is capable of.

Note: I find myself incapable of fully relating to those Christians who do not grasp this on some intuitive level.

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