Thursday, April 2, 2015

Denominational Divides

One great thing about Christianity in England is that there are no strict doctrinal fights among Christians. Being on the outs with the culture has pushed the various Christian denominations and sects together. They all have the same basic goals. If you ask someone here what religion they are, they may say 'Episcopal' or 'Catholic' or 'Methodist' or 'Baptist' or 'Pentecostal'. But if you ask someone their what religion they are, they simply say 'Christian'. You have to ask 'what church do you go to?' to find out their denomination or sect. It is refreshing. And we could learn a lot from it hear. The quicker Christians in this country focus on the basics: love of Christ, God and neighbor, the quicker we will form a movement that can respond to the new challenges of the 21st century. If Christianity truly declines in the United States, it will be because the various groups put their sub-group and secondary doctrines above the Two Great Commandments.

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