Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How I Live And Die

This is how I try to live, and this is how I want to go out. For me, all the darkness of the world, whether it be suffering, death, depression, or sin, is a terrible dragon, that stands defeated yet tries to harm as much as it can as it moves to it's now-assured doomed, thanks to the Cross of Christ (Revelation 12). No matter what happens, I fight. I will fight against whatever oppresses me internally or externally. I refuse to ever, ever, ever give up. Faith, hope and love sometimes bring me to the summit, sometimes they are my lifeline that allows me to survive, either way, they are a sword that helps me in the fight against the dragon. I will live every day this way, whether happy or sad, whether living the Cross or the Resurrection, And when I pass from this world it will be kicking and screaming, trying to get in one more blow against the evil one for God. The one thing I will not do is let the darkness take me, at least not without one heaven of a fight.

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