Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love and Eternity

Living with my wife is an entering into Heaven. I love to live with someone I love. Living with God every day, is also a joy beyond compare. But guess what? It isn't enough. It isn't enough because there isn't enough time. It isn't enough because life ends. And it isn't enough because I love so, so many people in this world so deeply and I don't get to soak up every hour with them. I cannot live in a world where love ends, and where love is limited. Love demands eternity, and infinity, and without those it is utter tragedy. I can only live into the fullness of love if I can believe in the promise it gives, the promise of forever. The problem of death oppresses me. And so does the problem of sin. I do not deserve that which I demand of life. I do not even deserve the moments of love that I get. I am not worthy of the promise of love. Yet I cannot go on without that promise fulfilled. How do I live with myself knowing I demand what I do not deserve? How can I live without receiving what I demand, what I need? "Oh wretched man that I am!"(Book of Romans) But thanks be to God, the must needs of my heart and life are fulfilled. Because of Christ, the unworthy is accounted worthy, and so can ask for what he needs. Because of Christ, death is overcome, and what he needs will be given. "I prayed a very selfish prayer, and it has been fulfilled through you, I pray I become more worthy of it" (Lilies of the Field)

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