Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Partially Off-Topic: Comicpalooza

I was on vacation most of the last 6 days at the Houston Comic Book Convention, Comicpalooza, and I had a blast. I just love nerd culture, and immersing myself in it. There is so much of a 'reaching' for something higher, and deeper, and everybody is searching so hard for community, I find it inspiring, really. I think there is so much opportunity here for a Christian with the right attitude. I am a Christian nerd, and proud of it.

Some highlights included:

Meeting Paul McGann personally. He was hanging out in the crowd at one point, and he spent a lot of time conversing with this one woman in a wheelchair. It was beautiful, the things he said to her. Several people got pictures, and I got to ask him a question or two.

I got to meet Jim Steranko who revolutionized comics. He was so nice to his fans and he told some great stories. I really got to spend some time talking to him, and this was a big deal for me. He is a huge name in the business.

I also got one of the best commissions and one of the best art pieces I've ever gotten from a convention. I only have one other commission that came out on this level of expertise. This was the first sketch cover I commissioned, and it was for LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST. The artist is Cynthia Conner, and I simply can't believe how well it came out. I knew she was talented, but she really blew me away this time.

She is one of the lesser-known treasures at local Houston conventions. I think her work is on the level of some of the biggest names that frequent conventions here locally. As you should know if you are a regular reader, LEGEND OF OZ is one of my favorite books, and as you can see below, her artwork really added something to his particular book for me. I'm amazed by her. You can find her on Facebook under "Cynthia Conner Illustrations", check her out and get her to do something for you. She is brilliant.

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