Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life and Truth

God identifies Himself strongly with Life in the Old Testament. Life and God are all but interchangeable concepts. This is why the food laws are written the way they are: they seek to keep symbols of life and death away from each other. To choose God is to choose life. Yet the New Testament's highest ideals are Love and Truth. Yet love can move me to give up my life for the other, and speaking the truth can cost many lives. Perhaps the afterlife is a necessary posit to reconcile these three values, which all seem to need an equal place for the truly ethical life. Might not this hold some clue to the Trinity? Perhaps Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the incarnations of Life, Truth, and Love, respectively. That they all must yet be one is the conviction that they are all, at the same time THE highest value. Interesting thoughts, these.

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