Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not-Really Off-Topic: Random Thoughts On Comics & Dreams

Yes, a strange post, but I'm a strange dude...

Every modern incarnation of Superman has has some kind of recognition of the messianic undertones. The new film seems like it will keep this up. No one explored this better than Grant Morrison. His book SUPERGODS is brilliant even when it is brilliantly wrong. A strong soul can get a lot out of it, though in some ways it is a dangerous book.

The Lantern Corps as re-imagined by Geoff Johns has some deep insights. The exploration of the light spectrum as an emotional spectrum touches on something archetypal. What is it about color and emotion? I had a series of lucid dreams where I explored all of this in detail. Each night I'd experiment with a different ring corresponding to a different emotion. I got to greed and got stuck. Then I imagined greediness for the Holy Spirit. When I mastered all the rings I became the White Lantern...lucid dreaming, comic books and theology...what nights they were.

Of course the original Green Lantern was based on Alladin and his lamp. There is a take-off of the series called EMERALD KNIGHTS that re-emphasizes that aspect. I highly recommend it.

I have experienced things in dreams beyond anything I've ever known in my awake state. Just last night I encountered a heavenly realm which allowed me to address some personal issues in a safe way. I brought up dream characters representing parts of myself I don't like, and used this heavenly light to transform the characters into positive ones. The feelings all this brings up are awesome. It is true that you can get much, much higher without drugs than with them, it just takes more time and work.

Zenescope is a company I'm torn about. On the one hand, it has some of the strongest female leads in comics. On the other they are drawn in extremely objectifying ways. The writing is in some ways thematically at odds with the art. The stories are too good for me to pass up, but I don't recommend the books for anyone under 18.

Zenescope's take on ALICE IN WONDERLAND, which combines the story with Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos, is well-written and frightening. I hear they are making it into a television series...that will be one dark show.

Big Dog Ink does a better job of representing strong women in inoffensive ways with it's LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST. That book, man...unbelievable. The art is incredible and the stories are off the hook. I simply love it.

There is a gritty book out know that is theologically deep and hilariously absurd it. It is called MINIATURE JESUS. It is about a recovering alcoholic who faces down demons. He can't tell if they are real or not. Meanwhile Jesus come to earth and animates a small Jesus statue. Is Jesus coming to help our hero? We don't know for sure. It is a great book so far.

Meditation before bed has helped me with my lifelong struggle with insomnia. It is a major victory for me. I find controlling what imagery I expose myself to at night, and meditating on that imagery, helps also. Garbage in, garbage out.

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