Thursday, December 4, 2014

Off-Topic: Comic Book Reviews For 11-26-2014 Pt 2

Some of my comics came in late last week. So here are some more reviews

The aftermath of the war between the House of Secrets and the House Of Mystery continues with part of the DARK team trapped billions of years in the future, with a kind of anti-time force about to consume creation. There they find a magically mutated Felix Faust who both threatens and protects them. He is both the main villain and the main hero of the story. To understand how, you'll have to pick it up. There was some good thematic development along the lines of creation an destruction AND redemption. It almost qualified for an extended review. I liked this issue, though it was dull in parts. Felix Faust was the most interesting character in the issue. A good book, but one that did not include my favorite character, Deadman, in any capacity.
Storyline: 3.5 Stars
Dialogue: 3.5 Stars
Pacing: 4 Stars
Art: 4 Stars
Overall: 3.5 Stars

DC's BATMAN 66 #17
This was a rare swing and a miss for this comic. Nothing worked in this issue. The art was particularly bad. The story was a mess and there was very little to laugh about. The pacing was off and there was nothing original nor nostalgic. I was not happy with this issue.
Storyline: 3 Stars
Dialogue: 2.5 Stars
Pacing: 2.5 Stars
Art: 1 Star
Overall: 2 Stars

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