Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Lesson From Batman & Superman

Batman and Superman may seem superficially at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is an alien who has godlike power. One is very mortal (but by no means ordinary), very human being who has no super powers to speak of.

Yet they share two things in common: they are both orphans, and they are both committed to doing good. In this they have found a bond that makes them more like family. A bond born of shared brokenness and shared ideals. That, in its essence, is what Jesus wanted for all of mankind. I will spend Christmas with family by blood or marriage. But my family extends beyond those kinds of connections. I have a large family, born of the body of Christ, and forged by His blood. We stand together as people both broken and yet yearning for something more. This family has gotten so much larger than I ever would've thought possible. Yet I could not love these people more if the same blood flowed through our veins.

I know that many people, including many Christians, never get to know this kind of community. But I have, and I am thankful for it. An important lesson from two comic book superheroes, on this brisk and poignant Christmas Eve.

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