Thursday, July 10, 2014

Radom Thoughts On Passing Scenes

This is one of the best moments from ALMOST FAMOUS. I just love this exchange. There is something truly ULTIMATE in these words. Not just about aesthetics, but about the spirit. Christ is God sharing in our uncoolness. Here in this dark scene, these two people share a spiritual communion, because they share the status of being outside, and they share the interminable desire to be 'inside'. We all want to belong, especially to other people. We all want to be accepted, to be cool. Even when we embrace our uncoolness, we are often just seeking a more subtle kind of 'cool'. But the only currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you are uncool.

OWNING MAHONEY is not as well known a film as ALMOST FAMOUS, though Hoffman's performance is just as good or better. This is a film about gambling addiction in particular but it is a powerful commentary on addiction itself. This is the hell of the addict. It took me nearly ten years of spiritual work to experience any thrill as great or greater than that which I knew when I did drugs. And even now, the ease of getting to that level is tempting. An addict cannot find the thrill in life anywhere else. And they mourn that loss.

While I've come to regret the central place this film played in my life when I did drugs (and I've not seen the entire film since I quit), I do still like this quote. I've known some great mutants in my life, people who really add spice and flavor to existence. I still think this is one of the finest compliments you can give to a person.

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