Thursday, July 31, 2014

On A Negativity Fast

I am on a negativity fast. I highly recommend it. When I feel the hands of the devil compressing against my heart, when I feel myself under attack, I consciously try to avoid negativity in music, in television, and in my life. There is nothing wrong with exploring negativity from time to time. The world is not all rainbows and noodle salad. To close oneself off from suffering and horror is to deny the Cross. But neither is the world 'nothing but' a veil of suffering. Creation is good and the wonders of God are to be found within it. Sometimes it is time to just rest in those wonders. Sometimes the joy of the Resurrection must drown out the horror of the Cross. My negativity fasts are how I do this. I don't listen to any music that doesn't have a purely positive message. I only watch movies and films in which good triumphs over evil. And I watch little to no news.

A negativity fast...I highly recommend it.

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