Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Using The Term "God"

Read this:

I think the term 'God' is of great value. While my definition of God may differ in some ways from other Christians, I think we still refer to the same reality. Meaning and reference differ. To call oneself a believer in God is simply to say that you think there is something in the universe that is worthy of worship, you are saying there is something that people SHOULD worship. I think that the reality that reached out to us through Christ Jesus, that eternal mind that gives of itself totally so that we can exist, and exist in freedom, is something people SHOULD worship, I think it is the ONLY thing people SHOULD worship. Therefore I believe in God. There are plenty of people who label themselves as theist or agnostic that are not.

Worship is something people do as a matter of course. It is like eating or sleeping. Praying feels very natural. Plenty of atheists still worship things. This does not make them theists. They are god-believers if they think that people SHOULD worship something. The fact that plenty of atheists still engage in worship is telling, I think. The fact that plenty of them think their worship is justified and commendable to others, is even more telling.

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