Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hate Crimes

I rarely enter into politics here, and this is only tangentially political but it is an interesting thing to think about. There was a triple homicide recently, where a guy killed (this is just terrible and sad, and heartbreaking) these three Muslim students over a parking spot. Because the guy was a rabid anti-theist who constantly posted violent anti-religious messages, people are investing the crime as a hate crime. Let's assume he killed them because of his ideological hatred of religion. IF that is the case, would this count as a hate crime? Is killing them because they were religious enough? Or does it have to be due to an adherence to a specific religion?

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  1. Positing this is true; yes it should be a hate crime. We simply must stop making allowances for folks that look like us. The racists out there are generally smarter than to put on a hood and burn a cross. That is considered declasse' these days.

    If we wait for a full blown genocidal act, we have missed the opportunity and the point. We have to come down hard on this crap. To do otherwise is to give a lie to the idea that justice is for all.

    Likely this opinion comes as no surprise so perhaps someone on the other side might want to weigh in.