Sunday, June 29, 2014

Humans Of New York Comment

I love the blog HUMANS OF NEW YORK, everyone should check it out and follow it. I'd like to comment on this man's experience. It seems to me that the repeated mistake made throughout the entire body of believers really comes down to the notion of God's control. This man's frustration with evil believers and the suffering of humanity stems from his adherence to the classical doctrine of omnipotence. It is just that simple. Does thanking God for the good imply God is the author of the bad? Only if we assume all God wills happens. Should faith ensure extreme commitment to the good? Only if God is the only spiritual force in the universe. Whitehead's simple suggestion that all power DERIVES from God but control of that power lies in the hands of the created makes sense of all of this. The suggestion that God moves reality by the creation of ideals and the power of persuasion via love, gives us a sense of how God can be active, have a will, enact that will, without us needing to attribute all states of affair to him.

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