Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Off-Topic: The Other Comic Book Reviews *Spoiler Alert*

One of the great things about the entire GRIMM universe, from the comic books to the television show, is that it is both a fantasy story and a police procedural. So the stories can lean one way or another. This issue of the limited-series GRIMM: THE WARLOCK tends towards the latter. Nick is faced with a death that looks by all lights to be an accident but which his gut tells him is something more. When he finally finds the killer, he finds a being prepared for a fight and one that catches him off-guard at first. Seeing Nick come back with a vengeance was a lot of fun. The art still bothers the crap out of me, though.

Storyline: 4 Stars
Dialogue: 3.5 Stars
Pacing: 3 Stars
Art: 2.5 Stars
Overall: 3.5 Stars

Ash tries to rekindle the relationship with his medieval girlfriend Sheila, who resents him for having left her to return to the future. Meanwhile, Ash has to deal with the quandary of him being the only person who can find the Necronomicon (again), which puts the book in reach of the deadites, but is also his only means of getting home. This book is not as good as some of the other Dynamite ASH offerings, as its pacing is a little off. The art is less than it should be, too.

Storyline: 3 Stars
Dialogue: 3.5 Stars
Pacing: 2.5 Stars
Art: 2.5 Stars
Overall: 3 Stars

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