Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Writer's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions have worked well for me in the past. I resolved to quit smoking cigarettes one year, and that worked out well. I resolved to self-publish my book and I did that as well (available, by the way, on Amazon under the title CONVERSATIONAL THEOLOGY: A DIALECTICAL APPROACH TO BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION). Last year I resolved to blog daily and to put out one video homily a week. I did the blogging thing the whole year and the video sermoning half a year. The sermoning ended primarily because it got very little response.

I have found that my musings on pop culture have been very popular indeed and so I am going to expand them. This blog will feature more in-depth reviews of comic books. I shall continue with my quicker reviews and try to do a detailed review of one comic book a week. I enjoy this part of my life and I try each year to explore the depths and shallows of my joys in life. Theology will still be the main purpose of this blog, and I am going to try to write reviews that have a decidedly theological bent to them.

Additionally, I am going to be working on comic book scripts for a new project. I am going to try to write and refine a script every two weeks. I don't want to say too much too early on a public forum, but I am going to say I am going to try to create a superhero or superhero-like character that draws heavily on Biblical imagery. One of the problems with the Christian superhero offerings that exist today is that they are too didactic. They set you down and tell you what they are all about. I want to create a character that could appeal to Christians but that doesn't get too didactic. This is hard to do. But I think it can be done.

This blog, however, will remain the focus of my writing for some time to come. I have enjoyed doing the work I do here, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you to all my readers for helping me keep this resolution last year. If I did not get the response I did, I might not have been able to continue. Without feedback from other people, projects like this are hard to continue.

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