Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Hope It's True *SPOILER ALERT*

There's this movie, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. Great film, off-beat, different, just a good film. The best part is the ending. I won't ruin it for you. But throughout the film there is this guy who is claiming to have built a time machine. You go back and forth about whether he's telling the truth or not. Did he build the machine? Or did he not? Is he crazy, or can he really do it. The thing is, that throughout the movie, you are really rooting for it to be real. You spend the whole moving going "oh, God please let it be true." There is something profoundly theological in this. I understand not believing in God. But I don't understand Thomas Nagel's HOPE that there is no God. Does the atheist, somewhere in the back of his mind, not hope that the theist is really right, that the experiences the theist has are genuine and point to something outside themselves? I don't know how they could not. And isn't that hope in and of itself kind of telling?

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