Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Did Last Night

Last night we had our STAR WARS BROOMBALL & BOWLING LOCK-IN. Today we had YOUTH SUNDAY, where we ran the church service. Above is a video of the broomball. I am extremely tired so this will be my only post for the day.

Days like this make me think of Alfred N Whitehead's conclusion towards the end of his book RELIGION IN THE MAKING: "The passage of time is the journey of the world towards the gathering of new ideas into actual fact. This adventure is upwards and downwards. Whatever ceases to ascend, fails to preserve itself and enters upon its inevitable path of decay. It decays by transmitting its nature to slighter occasions of actuality, by reason of the failure of the new forms to fertilize the perceptive achievements which constitute its past history. The universe shows us two aspects: on one side it is physically wasting, on the other side it is spiritually ascending."

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