Thursday, May 30, 2013


If you want hope for the future, just stop by one of my youth ministry meetings some time. The conversations that go on there are amazing. New ideas, perspectives and thoughts that never occur to me personally often come up. It is this creative interplay of spirit, mind, and heart that yields such fruitful results. If these young people can maintain this level of relationship with the divine and this level of creativity and freedom, the world has some awesome things in store for it.

This is an age of amazing art. If you go to a good comic book convention you will be exposed to sights and ideas that will blow your mind. And there is so damn much of it. I could go broke buying all the stuff I want. This level of creativity is exactly what we want in Christianity. If religion and politics can get a touch of this magic then we can really start solving some of our problems in this world. The conversation in my youth group swirls between the personal-concrete and the abstract-theoretical, between issues of morality, politics, time and eternity, the divine and the human and on and on. Jesus Christ, the living God, the dynamic God, is alive in that place at that time and that is the Spirit of God, my friends. If you could just be a fly on the wall at those meetings, you'd feel much better about this world.

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  1. Let me second that as a fly in the next chair. There is hope for the future. I thank God there is and that I get to witness it.