Monday, May 4, 2015

The Endless Benefits of Faith

I have argued elsewhere that faith is not necessary for salvation. But having said that, I want to say that there are endless benefits to faith in Jesus Christ. It is by faith we are justified. Now when I say 'justified' I mean this in an epistemic sense. It is through faith in Jesus Christ that we KNOW we are saved, and can enjoy all the benefits of salvation in this life. Those without faith are truly without hope, in that they have nothing they can justifiably hope IN. I've said before that what Jesus saves me from is, ultimately, unbelief. If Jesus is not God, I cannot believe in God. At the very least I cannot believe that God loves me and that the God that loves me triumphs. At best I'm stuck in a world of two gods in endless combat. It is only through Jesus that I am saved. It is only through faith in Jesus that I can KNOW I am saved, and justifiably so. What a wonderful life this leads to. Happiness is possible and often achieved. Death is not the end. I can live in peace and rest. All of which would be denied me without my faith. Believe in Jesus Christ folks, He is the Truth, and a wonderful Truth at that.

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