Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Christianity In Decline


I have to admit this stuff depresses me. I believe Christianity is an important part of living life to its absolute fullest and to understanding life in it's greatest breadth and depth. You will always have a big piece of the puzzle missing without Jesus and God.

But the fight is not over. I see innovative pastors coming up with good ideas all the time, and I believe that we will find new ways to engage the culture and bring Christ to bear on the world. Christianity is booming in places like Latin America, Africa and China. And that is a good thing. But even if the center of Christianity moves east and south, I hope it maintains a healthy place in the west. Christ has too much to offer. People need to think about Him in new ways, and focus more on essentials (and less on peripheral issues like homosexuality). Love, freedom, sacrifice, and the Man Jesus Himself. If we can find ways to focus on those, and express them in new ways, we can turn that tide. But it won't be easy. I'm willing to fight for it...who else is?

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