Thursday, May 7, 2015

Prayers From Children

These are actual prayers offered on prayer cards at Galloway School in Friendswood, Texas, where I work as the part time chaplain. These are from children ranging from 6-10 years old. Names have been removed.

"I hope my grandmother is safe in Heaven and make her happy."

"Please pray over my father to be safe in his flights."

"Dear Lord, please help me to do what's right. Thank you for everything in Jesus' name, Amen."

"Dear God, please help (my teacher's) son, heal him from his arm injury and help him make sure it doesn't affect his baseball career."

"I love God with all my heart and soul."





"Dear God, help my dad's lung infection get better."

"Lord please help me budget my time better."

"Dear God, please let other kids know what it is like for my brother and I. And let my parents let me watch K C Undercover. Amen."

"I love Jesus and God that I wish people that are bad turned good so we could have a better world."

"God I wish the people that are dead were alive."

"My hamster to have a long life because they only live for a year."

"My mom's leg is broken and she hasn't been able to leave the house for a month now."

"My brother is in the army and right now he's in Korea."

"My grandparents"

"God bless us a happy Friday and a great weekend."

"I wish for everyone to get a good test on Friday."

"Dear God, please help my Grandma and Grandpa, they are very sick."

"My sister."

"Dear God, I wish for you to make the sick feel better, I wish for everyone to have fun."

"Dear God, please heal my itchy spots."

"Dear God, help my great-grandmother to stay healthy. She is 86 and I wish that she lives a long life."

"Please pray for a teacher at Hobby Lobby that she does not die because she will have heart surgery and if not enough blood gets in she will die."

"Dear God may the people have joy and happiness throughout the world and may they have a wonderful life."

"Dear God, please make everyone believe in you all together."

"Dear God, please help my aunt, she will soon die but for the amount of time she will live don't let her suffer. And all the people who have her type of cancer. Bless them too."

"My dad."

"I would like to pray over my grandfather who is in the hospital from a heart attack. I would also just like to pray for my family."

"Lord, please let my nanny live for the rest of my life and please never let Jesus die for liberty and justice."

"God please make sure all the people in the world have food."

"My dog"

"My grandpa"

"My great grandfather died. My fish died."

"Please let me not get on a strike."

"To God: My grandpa lost half of his hearing. Please help him."

"I pray for my cats they have died and were very special to me."

"Dear God, I saw a kid with his arm missing so God please help him."

"Please let Friday be a good day."

"Dear God will you help my brother in the Foreign Legion and will you protect him if he goes to war."

"My humanity."

"God please wish us a good Friday and happy day."

"Thank you for food, water and shelter."

"We love God and he protects us and we love him very much."

"Please help my Grandmother through surgery."

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