Sunday, October 12, 2014

Random Thoughts on "If I Started A Church"...

...both baptism and communion would play very central roles, but the nature or exact rules governing both would not be tightly defined. I'd have infant baptism and later confirmation AND adult baptism for those who thought a free will decision was more important. I'd have communion at every service, with options for wine and grape juice, and I'd allow anyone who felt so called to take communion. Either baptism or communion would be a way to begin one's journey into the life of the church.

Worship would be both simple and traditional. Traditional language, taken from the Episcopal Prayer Book, would define the service, but the trappings, the atmosphere would be simpler than most catholic services. Music would be varied, perhaps different services would emphasize different types. Bible study for the church would immediately precede worship and the two would flow together.

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