Thursday, April 24, 2014

Too Christian

I got in trouble yesterday because some people think I am too 'in your face' about my commitment to Jesus Christ. Yet I know so many who would hate me because they think my Universalism somehow entails a lessened commitment to Jesus Christ. But that is ridiculous. To believe that Christ's sacrifice was powerful enough to save ALL souls no matter what in no way denigrates Christ's importance. On the contrary. Jesus Christ stands at the center of all I do, am, think about and talk about, whenever I am not faltering in sin. He is the most important person in my life, the form and function of my encounter with God, my closest friend and the center of my sense of salvation. Jesus Christ is absolutely everything to me, and it permeates all I do. I work hard to be inclusive, to never put down those who believe differently, to learn from other religions and respect other faiths, but the man Jesus, as the living Incarnation of God Himself, the Cross and Resurrection, exist as my foundation. The criticisms I received yesterday hurt me, because no one likes to be criticized. But they also reinforced my own sense that I am doing something right.

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