Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not Really Off-Topic: Art Projects I Would Like To Commission

In my mind I have several art projects I would like to commission people to undertake. I wish I could draw, and draw well. I have so many ideas but no way to execute them myself. This can lead to a rather expensive hobby. It costs a lot to get commissions like the ones I want done, but having the image in my hand really would be awesome. I guess on another level it is cool to have it all be a collaborative effort, to see how another artists interprets my vision. Here's a list of projects I'd like to see completed:

1) I'd like to see a series of iconography for some of my favorite pop culture phenomena. There is an example here:

I think ONCE UPON A TIME would be a great one. That would also make for a great LAST SUPPER adaptation. But really I'd like to see a series of DC superheroes re-cast in incongraphic representation.

2) I'd like to see an artist's representation of the Lamb and the Dragon in Revelation fighting each other. A super-literal approach that is yet internally coherent. How does one represent these figures in a way that doesn't make them look chimeric? I already have an artist in mind who I think can do this one particularly well.

3) I had a dream once of Jesus being nailed to the cross with hypodermic needles. I know this would be disturbing, but it says a lot too about the evils of drugs and the selling of drugs.

4) I would like to do a comic book about a man that faces moral dilemmas in life, and whenever he does he has visions of cosmic demons and angels doing battle with him at the center. Like every common struggle to be a good person is re-cast in a comic book like context.

So these are some of my ideas, I hope some day to bring some of them to fruition.

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